Its All About The Kids

Balance Bike Graphics thrives on producing cutting edge graphics at an affordable price. We offer predesigned kits with customizable options on industry standard material so each and every rider has their own spin on every kit. From the wild rider in the park taking on every downhill he/she sees to the lil’ rider just figuring out how to get going. We believe in providing a style for your rider that is just as important as the tank top you put them in. Don’t just sell their bike once they’ve progressed passed this level, make it a memorable piece of their childhood that you keep forever.

Recently becoming a parent, having a motocross background, and as a graduate of graphic design it all made sense to do this. I look forward to not only assisting you with your customized kit for your rider but hopefully getting the reward of hearing and seeing your feedback through letters, emails, and images. Balance bikes has set the standard for this, I hope to just be a part of it.