We recently became a sponsor for Wright’s Bikes Balance Race Series in Urbana, OH. Jeff Wright and his team put on races for Balance Riders ranging from 18 months to 5 years and a 16″ Sport Class for 6 Yeas to 12 Years. Their mission is to help teach all children even special needs children to learn the joy of riding bicycles at a very young age. Balance Bikes are a great way to learn to ride.
They give toddlers a place to enjoy their Balance bikes and interact with other children their age and have fun.
Its a friendly atmosphere where they can learn balance, riding skills, steering skills, and confidence, along with sportsmanship.

I am more than honored to be apart of such a great series and look forward to eventually taking an east coast trip to experience it with my family and meeting Jeff and his family. Please check out their website and social media pages and consider making out to one of his races.